2008 Guangzhou Music Expo Meets a Successful Ending

With spring warmness, the 5th China (Guangzhou) International Musical instruments Expo has been held on April 5 -7.The Expo covers an area of about 5000 square meters with more than 100 exhibitors. In this expo, the Chinese traditional music exhibitors accounted for one third of the exhibitors, followed by violin and guitar exhibitors. A variety of activities were also been held, serving you with a music feast.

¢ñ. Different Enterprise, Massive Products

The booths of Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group Ltd and Shanghai No.1 National Music Factory are respectively laid on the both sides of the entrance channel of the exhibition hall.

In Pearl River Piano booth, magnificent scenes and a full range of excellent instruments has attracted many visitors. Last year, the Group made the first debut of her newly-developed ¡°Kaiser Fort brand¡± piano in Guangzhou Expo, which won great reputation from the piano-fans. Chairman Huang Wei-Lin, and general manager Wang Runpei made personal appearance in exhibition booth to guide the work. Interestingly, Caesar Fort Piano Series were so attracted that many viewers couldn¡¯t wait to playing the piano to show their skills, some of who are the elderly, students, women and children as well as piano professionals. After trying to play it, they wanted to obtain the promotional materials and consulted sales price because they found that the tone of the Kaiser Fort piano are very good. In addition, The Pearl River Piano Group also launched other series of products, such as Cotton Tree guitar, violin and other instruments, which attracted a lot of music lovers to do business negotiations.

Similarly, the booth of Shanghai No.1 National Music Factory was very crowded and the sales manager was in person serving the customers. According to the introduction of Mr Du, Shanghai No.1 National Music Instruments Factory has successfully caught the eyes of the competitors and visitors because of its 500,000 Yuan Guzheng made of 18k gold and 300,000Yuan two-stringed Chinese fiddle made of ivory. We have brought a full range of products here, and we receive many customers everyday.

There are many well-known manufacturers such as GuangZhou Romance Musical Instruments Co.,Ltd, BaZhou Weiming Musical Instrument Co.,Ltd, Beijing Huadong Musical Instrument Co.,Ltd., Jiangyin Golden Cup Angels Musical Instruments Co.,Ltd, Cherub Technology Co.,Ltd, Guangzhou(USA) Sophia Piano Co.,Ltd, all of which had the feature of large booth and the latest products.

¢ò. New Products in National Music Zone

This year, national music zone was still the most attractive part of the Expo. Many famous national musical instruments manufacturers like ShangHai No.1 National Music Instrument Factory, Beijing National Musical Instrument Factory, Hebei Yuehai Musical Instrument Co., Ltd and Raoyang Beifang National Musical Instrument Co., Ltd., featured in large booth and full range of products. Each exhibitor brings all out to satisfy our customers with newly-developed products. In front of the booth, many visitors were all bewitched by the new instruments and some of them even tried to show their skills just as the professional musician. In XingHai¡¯s booth, the sales manager couldn¡¯t squeeze some time to talk to us because she was busy in serving the customers.

We found a number of new products along the way to national music instrument zone.

*Brush for Guzheng and dulcimer
The specific brush, invented by Mr Zhang, general manager of HeBei Jiayun National Musical Instrument Factory, is used to clean the Guzheng and dulcimer.

*A flat-shape Hulusi
Crowd of people gathered at one booth and felt curious about a new product, a special Hulusi which is flat-shape. According to the introduction of a professional, to change the shape of Hulusi is to facilitate the convenience for carrying.

*A rosin lubrication device
One manufacturer brought his new invention, a rosin lubrication device to the Expo. The invention becomes more user-friendly when lubricating the strings.

* New Type Dulcimer
Dalian Yalai Dulcimer Co., Ltd was launching a new type of dulcimer which has just passed the test of Instruments Inspection Center. The characteristic of the new type dulcimer was its broader instrumental range, which enriches the expression of dulcimer.

¢ó. More Professional Visitors with Stronger Purchasing Power

Because of solid foundation of GuangZhou¡¯s art and culture, most of the visitors were music college teachers and students as well as music lovers. For individual visitor, the purpose of the participation is to have access to new instruments and pick up some bargains in the Expo. According to a flute lover, "there are many flute manufacturers here, and the price of the flute is also relatively inexpensive. I bought two special flute made by HangZhou Hongyun Music Instrument Factory, 100 yuan per one. I feel pretty good, especially thick bass, drum-resonance effect are very good, and Treble is also very strong. ¡°

In YueHai¡¯s booth, general manager Mr. Song was listening to an old man who was putting his heart and soul into playing erhu. It was thought that the player was a musician invited by the exhibitor. Actually, the old man was a retired teacher, and an erhu lover. It was his first time in Guangzhou expo and he thought it was excellent. As an ordinary consumer, he said, to obtain good musical instruments we should not only take brand name into account, but also the quality of the products. At the scene, he saw some cost-effective instruments for general consumers.

In addition, the first singing competition of "Huacheng - Perth Cup" was presented from 9 Am on April 6.The competition was divided into two sessions, Morning session for the primary school, and afternoon session for secondary school. The competition would be marked on spot followed by the awarding ceremony. After the competition, the teachers show all the students around the exhibition hall. Dressed in all kinds of colorful clothes, the children shuttled in various booths with great curiosity.

¢ô.The 1st Buyers Conference for Music Shops

Guangzhou Expo 2008 successfully held ¡°the 1st Buyers Conference for music shops¡±, which has attracted over 120 music shops to participate in the Expo. Focus on the operation and consumption of musical instruments, five special guests carry out a discussion on the opportunity and challenge for music shop industry by exchanging respective idea on the sound development of Chinese music shops.

Presided by Mengyu, vice Deputy of National Light Industry Instruments Information Center, the meeting was started with ¡°A Report on 2007 Chinese MI Industry¡± made by Zhang Zhenqi, Director of National Instruments Quality Inspection Center, Standardization Center and Information Center. Mr Zhang made a review of the general situation of 2007 Chinese MI Industry and the business system in state policy, industrial statistic, industrial existing issue and industrial development. Wang Runpei, general manager of Pearl River Piano Group Ltd, delivered a speech on how to establish national brand in the world based on his thirty years experience.

Participants have spoken frankly and put forward a number of questions deserving our attention and study. On the whole, the meeting has been fruitful.

The 1st Buyers Conference for music shops received good feedback from the participants, and crowds of people flock into the door because of being late for the meeting. Eventually, the participants promised to meet again in 2009 Guangzhou Expo.

¢õ. Excellent Use of ¡°Hardware¡± Facilities, Improvement of ¡°Software¡± Services

The¡°hardware¡± and¡°software¡± services of this exhibition have received approvals and praises from many exhibitors and audiences.

Firstly, exhibitors fully affirm the various advantages of Guangzhou Expo and have great expectations of the exhibition. Guangzhou, an important central city of Guangdong and even south China, is the political, economic and cultural center as well as the transportation hub of Guangdong province. Also, as the important logistic distribution center in southern China, Guangzhou has unique economic and import and export advantages, which indicates the unique geographical advantage for holding international musical instrument exhibition. Secondly, exhibitors are satisfied with this exhibition¡¯s facilities and the organizer¡¯s management. The venue of this expo, China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, is currently the largest and most advanced exhibition center in Asia. It not only integrates high technology, intelligent and ecology, but also fully meets all exhibitions¡¯ requirements in humanity management, transportation and supporting facilities. Thirdly, the organizer of the exhibition has made vigorously promotion for this musical instrument exhibition. For instance, the host has advertised on some international professional media magazines and relative association websites. In addition, the host introduces this exhibition through newspapers and messages, and has invited overseas purchasers and traders from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asia to the exhibition. Judging from the response of the exhibitors, all the efforts above has taken effect gradually.

¢ö. Comments from Exhibitors

Du Qibao, sales director of Shanghai First National Musical Instrument Factory: In general, the organizer¡¯s management is great. The advanced management of the hall plays a crucial role in our products¡¯ safety. However, the audiences are not as many as previous sessions. I hope the host of the exhibition attaches more attentions to the international promotion, to attract more audiences, and better the exhibition.

Yang Junpeng, general manager of Rao Yang Northern National Musical Instrument Factory: Guangzhou Musical Instrument Exhibition provides us a very good chance to extend our business. I find the environment here is great and Guangdong¡¯s culture promotion and atmosphere are satisfactory. Generally, it is a good phenomenon in this exhibition that the exhibits intend to shift from the low grade products to meddle and high grade products. This trend in the exhibits shows that people now enjoy higher income and raise their appreciation as well as the comprehensive requirement towards the musical instrument. Our company really hopes to see this change, and this is also the goal we are pursuing.

Song Congjia, general manager of Beijing Yue Hai Musical Instrument: We participate in this expo every year and pay special attention to it. After all, Guangzhou is the window of Northwest, attracting most audiences from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. I feel satisfactory with this exhibition and hope that the host can strengthen the promotion. In addition, as a northern enterprise going to the northern exhibition, we first take the differences in temperature and humidity between the north and south into consideration and do our utmost to gain the ability to deal with the changes. Our company¡¯s product-Er-Hu£¬is made by the idea which combines the feature of north and south. We hire professional national musical instrument manufacturers from Suzhou to design the instruments, combining the south and north crafts so as to be acceptable in both regions.

Wang Youduo, general manager of Nanjing Sadway Piano Co.,ltd: This is the third time we participated in Guangzhou Musical Instrument Exhibition. Although this exhibition is not of large scale, the audiences are of high quality and very professional. We are satisfied with the exhibition¡¯s environment and the organizer¡¯s management. Also, Guangzhou has geographical advantage and broad space for development. We hope that the host can accumulate every experience and make improvements in the future exhibitions. There are many professionals coming for pianos, who care more about the brand and quality. The pianos in this exhibition enjoy good quality and we find this exhibition worthwhile. We bring with ¡°Richard Glayderman¡± piano, which is made with the cooperation of Richard Glayderman. Our company is the only authorized cooperation unit in China mainland by piano prince-Richard Glayderman.

The head of Shanghai Gaoxiang Industry Co. ltd: We participate in this expo every year. Apart from receiving orders, we mainly want to meet our old customers, strengthen the promotion of our company¡¯s leading products and exchange information with people in this profession. There are relatively less exhibitors this year, but many audiences.

Tian Rugang, Chief marketing manager of Tianjin Yulai Musical Instrument Co.,ltd: This is the first time for our company to participate in Guangzhou expo. Our company is specialized in manufacturing children educational musical instruments, which are high grade products. Our booth is large, about 50 square meters. Generally, a lot of audiences come this year. We have high expectation of the exhibition and will participate in it in the future.

Manger Yu from Cangzhou Yilite Musical Instrument Co.,Ltd: There are lots of professional visitors here. The sales volume this year is higher than previous two years. Nowadays, people are richer than ever before and they attach great attention to their children¡¯s education, hoping that the children have some special skill, which is good news for our musical instrument enterprise.

This exhibition still has room for improvement. Although there were more professional audiences than previous exhibitions, the number of amateur audiences was decreasing. The reasons may be as follows: the exhibition date is tightly arranged. Previously, Guangzhou expo was held in annual August. However, as most manufacturers and audiences advocated and Beijing Olympic Games is proceeding, Guangzhou expo was put forward to April from this year on. Some exhibitors did not understand the reason behind and decided not to participate in the exhibition this year. Also, the first day of the exhibition happens to be the Pure Bright Festival, the traditional festival Chinese people memorize their ancestors. According to the media report, 1,910,000 people in Guangzhou visited ancestral graves during the three days¡¯ holiday, which was the historic new high. It is the main reason for the deceasing audiences, too. Furthermore, the time of this exhibition is close to Frankfurt. Many enterprises in China, especially the northern enterprises, would not bother again to go to south for the exhibition, which is the main reason for fewer northern enterprises in this exhibition.

It¡¯s sure that an exhibition¡¯s success can not fully rely on objective conditions. How to turn the disadvantages into advantages, to make full use of Guangzhou¡¯s geographic advantage and the advanced hardware facilities of the exhibition hall, to perfect the promotion and service of the show , and finally create an influential musical instrument expo in South China or even China are our development goal.

As for the next year¡¯s expo, organizer has already engaged in the preparation stage. Specific date for next year¡¯s show will be published after the investigation with most enterprises. Based on the two years¡¯ successful experience of holding Buyers Conference in Pro Sound and Light Expo, organizer plans to invite hundreds of buyers to participate in the show, which will surely play a positive role in the development of the exhibition. Taking the advantage of its own strengths and increasing the input in capital, personnel and site, Guangzhou expo will organize music shops, professional buyers and purchasing group from the whole country to visit the show. Besides continuing to expand the invitation area of professional buyers in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, we will also emphasize more on inviting European and American traders to create a real international musical instruments expo.

Music Expo is not only a platform for exhibition, but also a bridge of communication and cooperation for musical instrument traders. We firmly believe that with your continuous support, 2009 Guangzhou Expo will be more wonderful!


Statistics in 2008 Guangzhou Expo

Schedule 1: Audience Categor

Schedule 2: Statistics of Hong Kong, Macao and overseas buyers

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