Approaching show with more expectations
2008-4-21  Click

New Year, New Phenomena, China (Guangzhou) International Expo on Pro Sound & Light, the first pro sound and light exhibition in China of the year, will be held April 5-7 at the Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The fair has set 2 halls for sound and light respectively for the first time, with approximately 200 famous enterprises both from home and abroad exhibiting in the area of 15,000 m2. Innovation is the fuel for development, in addition to the great activities of last year, lots of new activities will be organized for making it a better exhibition.

On the tremendous success of the 1st Huicong Buyers Conference, the 2nd one this year has gain more supports from the insiders. Approximately 1200 purchasers and engineers are attending the conference, during which, Advanced Communication Equipment (Int'l) Co., Ltd. will hold a forum on the Application of Point Sound Source and Wire Arrays in the Olympics.

Concurrently, 2nd China Cup DJ Scratching Contest will carry on its great success in 2007. Co-organized by the Sanshin Ltd. Co. and Guangdong Science & Technology Exhibition Company, the China Cup DJ Scratching Contest had drawn great attention from DJs and media all around China since its first debut. In order to let the public know more about the DJ industry, Sanshin will hold a Free DJ Theme Course on the theme ^Your Music, I am in charge ̄, during which DJ professionals will lead you discover the fun of DJing.

The 1st Musical Instrument Buyers Conference will also be held. 300 top musical instruments distributors will be attending the conference, sharing their experience on the distribution of M.I. discussing the opportunities and threads of the industry. Meanwhile, the sound of the 1st Middle School Students Singing Contest will definitely touch your heart, making your visit even more pleasant.

The Guangzhou Expo has firstly scheduled in April instead of August. With the theme of visiting the pro sound & light show at its manufacturing basis, the Guangzhou expo has gained great support from the insiders and great attention from purchasers and engineers from home and abroad. We believe, the Guangzhou Expo in April will be playing a more and more important role in the industry, providing more opportunities for those who attend the expo.



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