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March 10th, 2010

Guangzhou in March is lively amid early spring, imbued with the joy of life; meanwhile, it also witnesses a grand event¡¯s opening --- China (Guangzhou) Expo on Pro SoundLight & Music 2010 and Enping Microphone & Audio Video Equipment Fair 2010 is declared open today!

After seven years of development, standing on industry base, Guangzhou Expo has entered a rapid and steady growth period, which is attributed to exhibitors¡¯ active participation, government departments¡¯ correct guidance and cooperative partners¡¯ strong support. The scale of Guangzhou Expo 2010 has stricken another high record, with exhibition area reaching 35,000 m2, 50% increase compared with that of the 2009 Expo; nearly 500 exhibitors from home and abroad will showcase their latest products and edge-cutting technology at the show.

Various activities will be held concurrently, including The 4th HC360 Buyers Conference, The 4th "China Cup¡± DJ Contest and Lecture on Guzheng (Chinese zither) by Professor Chen Anhua. In addition, several seminars will be presented, including Members Conference and Technology Seminar by Guangdong Association of Recording Engineers, 2010 Entertainment Equipment Technology and Stage Art Development Seminar, and Members Conference and Entertainment Project Exchange.

New Year new atmosphere, 2010 is a year worth expecting; Guangzhou Expo 2010 will surely set on a higher position and bring out the best show ever. Let the high-spirited sound play, the colorful lights shine, the melodious musical instruments play, the microphone sing, and let us progress together with confidence and faith into a brighter future!




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