Post Show Report 2010
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    ---The 7th China (Guangzhou) International Musical Instruments Expo 2010

Running from March 10th to 12th, the 2010 China (Guangzhou) International Expo on Pro SoundLight, Music & Enping Microphone has attracted a total of 512 exhibitors and 25626 visitors to the show. The growth rate of both exhibitors and visitors is a leap forward, which is 46% and 40% respectively compared with the data of 2009. The total exhibition area is 35750m2, with an increase of 45%. There are 1318 international visitors coming to the show, increasing by 36%.

A Review of Show Data    



Increase Rate

Exhibition Area


24,620 m2


Number of 9m2 Booths




Total Exhibitors




Total Visitors




International Visitors




Record High Amount of Exhibitors
This year, a total of 182 exhibitors participate in the 7th Guangzhou Music Expo, increasing by 48% than that of 2009. As the largest music show in South China, Guangzhou Expo is a grand gathering of musical instrument companies that aspire to expand their business in South China and Southeast Asia.
Most exhibitors have expressed good reviews for the past event, including international exhibitors like Pearl River Piano, Goodway Piano, Hailun Piano, Scalerail Ltd., Baojia Percussion, Jinbao Percussion, Piccinotti Violins, Giorgio Grisales, Scott Cao Violins, Cremona Violin Store & Workshop, etc.
The number of piano and violin exhibitors as well as the famous brands marks an obvious growth, and the latest products of these exhibitors are the most eye-catching in the show.

Innovative Publicity, Upgrading Quality and Quantity of Visitors
According to statistics, visitors have increased significantly in the 2010 show. Meanwhile, the feedback of exhibitors testifies that the growth of visitors is impressive and the quality of visitors is much better this year.
One of the important factors leading to such a good result is that the organizer has adopted an innovative publicity measure to attract more visitors!!the ^Influential Exhibitors Inviting High Quality Buyers ̄ initiative. The qualified exhibitors are encouraged to invite their customers to the show and the organizer will pay for these key visitors¨ accommodation fees.
The initiative is highly approved by the exhibitors for the boosting of key buyers from conservatories, large music shops, musical instruments training institutes, and art troupes.
Most visitors invited to the show are also quite enthusiastic that exhibitors are much more than that of last year and that they can see a lot of well-known brands and latest products this time. They hold positive attitude and strong confidence for a better 2010 ahead.

Exciting Live Activities
A number of industry seminars and activities were organized concurrently. More than 600 industry buyers attended the fourth HC360 Buyers Conference, an increase of 50 %. Meanwhile, the fourth ^China Cup ̄ DJ Contest has become a must-see highlight of Guangzhou Expo; the Contest attracted around 300 enthusiastic visitors to cheer for the contestants. The Second Guzheng (Chinese Zither) Lecture given by Professor Chen Anhua, the most famous Guzheng teacher in South China, is highly approved by over 200 professional Guzheng researchers, players and music lovers.

Testimonials from Exhibitors

  • ^As a state-owned enterprise in Guangzhou, we will always support Guangzhou Music Expo. Each show bears its own characteristics and advantages, no matter the show in Shanghai, Beijing or Guangzhou. We feel that Guangzhou Expo is improving and the 2010 show has a much larger exhibition area and more visitors. ̄
                             !!Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group Ltd.
  • ^Our foreign market is developing steadily though under the cloud of economic crisis. We also notice the strong potential of the domestic market. By Guangzhou Expo, we want to showcase the quality of our products and upgrade the brand effect. ̄
                                   !!Hangzhou Goodway Piano
  • ^This is our first time to participate the Guangzhou Music Expo. We are glad to see that visitors here are very interested in our products. China is a big market, we hope more piano learners in China know about our method to play piano through this expo. Our booth is packed and ee have got the information of many potential clients here. We are considering the increase of booths next year! ̄
                                        !!Scalerail Ltd.
  • ^We come here to look for new market and opportunities. The expo generally satisfies our target. We will come again and we hold bright prospect on the show next year! ̄
                                       !!Piccinotti Violins
  • ^Although the scale of Guangzhou Expo is not as large as the one in Shanghai, we are satisfied to be here. Shanghai is too large and some of our old customers even can not find our booth. New customers may not have a deep impression on us because there are too many exhibitors, so the actual effect for us in Shanghai may not be as good as that in Guangzhou. ̄
                                !!Tianjin LEO Musical Instruments

Testimonials from Visitors

  • I have been visiting Guangzhou Expo for six years. The show has been better and better and it is very successful this year. Both the number of exhibitors and visitors has an obvious increase.
                                   !!Buyer from Hong Kong
  • ^I think the show is very convenient for local music shops like ours. We can meet manufacturers and see their latest products from other provinces and even other countries. The quality of exhibitors is very good this year. We are interested in several types of products and will follow up. ̄
                                   !!Buyer from Guangzhou




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