Vuvuzela-filter plug-in in VLC format for free download
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Scientists at the Institute of Communication Systems and Data Processing at RWTH Aachen, Germany, developed a Vuvuzela-filter VLC plug-in for Windows, Mac and Lunux. The plug-in is available for free download from the institute's' website.

The reduction of disturbing noise, especially for mobile telephones and digital hearing aids, is one of the core competences of the Institute of Communication System and Data Processing (IND). The list of noise sources is long, but since the soccer world cup has begun it is clearly dominated by the Vuvuzelas. Their deafening noise even renders a TV broadcast an acoustic challenge.

An algorithm which has been developed at the institute is now able to reliably suppress the disturbing Vuvuzela noise during soccer matches. The program called VuvuzeLAUTLOS implements an adaptive comb filter according to the LTP principle (long term prediction) for the noise-relevant frequency range which consists of the fundamental frequency and the first five harmonics. The filter "strength" is controlled adaptively to minimize distortion of the remaining audio signal. VuvuzeLAUTLOS is currently implemented as VLC plug-in.

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