Guangzhou Pro SoundLight & Music 2011 Closing Release
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Record-breaking exhibitor and visitor number

Guangzhou Expo 2011 has been successfully held in Area C, China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex from March 9th to 12th, 2011. With 8 exhibition halls (4 pro sound halls; 2 pro light halls; 2 musical instrument halls), its total exhibition area reaches 56,000 sqm. 842 exhibitors, including 590 pro SoundLight exhibitors and 252 musical instrument exhibitors, participates the show, with an increase of 64% compared with that of last year. Visitor number also boosts to 35,128 with an increase of 37%, which is even higher than expected. More detailed visitor breakdown would be released on the coming post show report.
  • Pro SoundLight exhibitors include: ACE, Neo-Neon, Eastern Acoustic, SENNHEISER, DAH CHONG HONG, Hong Zhi, First Industrial International Holdings, Jingyang, Nightsun, East Sound,  Harman, BMB, THUNDERSTONE, Tenggao, HAI TIAN, Hongzhe, Jingyang Electronic, Harman, BMB, Siquande Lighting, Renfeng, Futiankaiye, IBO, Regal, Omarte, DESAM, UNITE Star (Hong Kong), Dus Audio, Huiying, RVS, OHM, FDB, Beijing Viasho, Enping Dexun, Shenzhen Art Optoelectronic Technology, A-Master(Guangzhou), Hechang Tianlang, Han Sing, Liyun, Infinity Case and Truss, Sandy, Taiwan Maingo, Yaming, SemBr, Bardl, Guangzhou Lasong, TASSO, DE Acoustics, Youming (East Asia), Wanhao andCharming Lighting etc.

  • Musical instrument exhibitors include Pearl River Piano, Goodway Piano, Hailun Piano, Ningbo Haige Piano, PZF, Romance, Langqing, Great Wall, Jinbao, Bourgade, Tianjin Jinbao, Jinyin, Cherub, Greatwall, Baojia, Cherub, Joyo, Feng Ling, Scott Cao, Noble Heart Violins, Cremona, Huadong, Hsinghai National Instruments, Yuesheng, Huayun, Jinyun, Zheng Sheng, Tian Yi, Yinmei Er, RAOYANG BEIFANG, Piccinotti, Bachmann,Cremona, Patricola,David Ayache, Alain Meyer, Scalerail, Clarke, Tonewood, G&G, PianoDisc,Amati Trading LLC&Amati Books, Robert Ames, Michael Franke Violin, Van Wesel Violins etc.
Exhibitors showcase their latest products in the 2011 show. ACE brings with Studer vista 5 and Soundcraft VI6, which are used in 2010 Asian Games opening and closing ceremonies. And they also showcase JBL LSR4300 series, applied in Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee monitoring room IBC 5.1, and “The Most Expecting Product”, Studer Vista System. Meanwhile, Neo-neon brings the visitors with LED Neon-flax series and LED Application Series. The latter is also applied in 2010 Asian Games. ARTSOUND presented its Sennheiser evolution series microphone; DAH CHONG HONG showcased the latest products which include Accuphase E-350、E-450 amplifiers and Esoteric D-05 etc.
Pearl River Piano presented its Kayserburg series and the GZ (Guangzhou city) shape piano, which is used by Lang Lang in the 2010 Asian Games opening ceremony. Romance Guangzhou, which is famous for producing strings, brought its ALICE series which meets international standard.
Concurrent Activities
  • Seminar on AV Technology of Radio & Television applied in 2010 Asian Games
The Seminar, co-hosted by Guangdong Association of Recording Engineers and Guangdong International Science & Technology Exhibition Company, invites the main planners of AV Technology Team in 2010 Asian Games to present the edgy applied technologies. More than 200 Directors, General Managers, and Experts from over 30 Radio and Television Corporations around the country attend the seminar.
  • The 5th HC360 Sound & Light Dealers Conference
The 5th HC360 Sound & Light Dealers Conference, sourcing platform presented by HC360 and Pro SoundLight 2011. The 2011 Conference attracts more than 800 buyers. HC360 is a leading service provider of B2B e-commerce in China with 2.8 million enterprise users.
  • The 5th "China Cup" DJ Contest, ultimate stage for DJ professionals home and abroad to show their talents and compete for excellence.
Other concurrently held activities include: Guangdong Trade Association For Performances Annual Meeting 2011; Guitar performance, presented by Guitar talent Professor Hei Hang Lin and his performance team; Zither Performance & Seminar co-presented by Professor Jiao Jin Hai & Professor Chen An Hua; China Musical Instrument Reform & Development Seminar hosted by China Musical Instrument Information Center; Fantastic Live Shows with exhibitors' latest musical instruments performed by professionals, providing buyers an insight look on the newest products
A large number of exhibitors have showed their interest on enlarging their booths next year and the organizer has already received a lot of new exhibitor sign-up forms for the 2012 show, even though the exhibitor recruitment will not officially start until May. The 2012 show, which is being held from 29th Feb. to 3rd Mar 2012, moves to Area A, Pazhou Complex, with better facility and higher efficiency.
See you next year in Guangzhou!
Photo Gallery
2011第九届广州国际专业音响灯光乐器展暨恩平麦克风展 隆重开幕
Opening Ceremony
Opening Ceremony
Visitor number boosts to 35,128 with an increase of 37%
Siquande Lighting: “Human, Technology, Life” 
E-sphere Technology
NightSun Lighting
Visitor inquire for products information
Visitors play order
Pearl River Piano display the piano used in 2010 Asian Games Opening Ceremony
Neolson 尼尔颂展位布置精美 尽显提琴优雅格调
Foreign visitors show interest on Chinese traditional Musical instruments
Experiencing the products on site
Seminar on AV Technology of Radio & Television applied in 2010 Asian Games
The 5th China Cup DJ Contest
Zither Performance & Seminar co-presented by Professor Jiao Jin Hai & Professor Chen An Hua
Guitar performance, presented by Guitar talent Professor Hei Hang Lin and his performance team
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