Taixing Violin Pavilion Debuts,Electric &Electronic Instruments Hall First Set up——Highlights in Music Guangzhou 2015
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  Music Guangzhou 2015 will be held at Area B, China Import and Export Fair Complex from April 5 to 8, 2015. It will cover an exhibit space of 25,000 m2. Over 550 exhibitors and 70,000 professional visitors (including visitors of the concurrent Prolight + Sound Guangzhou) are expected to come. Various music education and training reports, symposiums, academic lectures and live shows will be host concurrently.

Taixing Violin Pavilion Displays

  As a production base of violins, Huangqiao Town in Taixing enjoys a good reputation of “China’s Hometown of Violins”. According to the statistics, Huangqiao violin industry can be traced back to the 1960’s. Through 50 odd years’ development, Huangqiao Town in Taixing has become the world’s largest violin production base. Its musical instruments are mainly sold to over 90 countries and regions. Annual gross production claims a market share of 70% in China and 30% around the world.

  Strongly supported and encouraged by Huangqiao government, Taixing Violin Pavilion will make a debut in Music Guangzhou 2015. Fengling Musical Instruments and other famous enterprises will come to show the unique craftsmanship and demonstrate the profound violin culture in China.

Specific Hall Layout, Growing Exhibit Space

  Guangdong Province is the biggest production base of guitars in China. Its guitars are sold all over the world. Boundless business opportunities can be found here. More and more electric & electronic instruments manufacturers hope to exhibit in Music Guangzhou. Therefore, an electric & electronic instruments hall will be set up to embrace more well-known enterprises.

  An increasing growth can also be seen in the scale of traditional Chinese instruments hall. A wide range of exquisite traditional Chinese musical instruments will be shown to the visitors.

Activities Concerned with Music Education and Training

  To promote music education and industrial development is one of the main topics of Music Guangzhou. In 2015, more activities concerned with music education and training will be held, such as professional lectures, concerts, symposiums and performing arts talent exchange, etc. Music Guangzhou has invited Roland Group, which will launch its Project of Digital Music Education during the exhibition.

Concurrent with China’s Largest Prolight + Sound Expo

  The concurrent Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2015 is co-organized by Guangdong STE and Messe Frankfurt. Crossing over Area A and Area B of China Import and Export Fair Complex with 12 exhibit halls, it is the largest professional light and sound expo in China. Total exhibit space of Prolight + Sound and Music Guangzhou reaches 150,000 m2, ranking first in China.

  Inspire the music dream! Let’s enjoy the premium music event with us! For more information, please click on our official website: www.guangzhoumusic.cn.

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