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The pre-registration of Music Guangzhou is now opening!

The 17th Music Guangzhou will be held at Area B of China Import and Export Fair Complex on 19-22 February, 2020. Presented in five exhibition halls, this exhibition with four-day will cover a total area at 50,000 square meters. It is estimated that over 750 exhibitors and 85,000 visitors globally will be attracted to visit. The pre-registration system for visitors entry is opening now£¡

Part1 Highlights of Music Guangzhou

Agglomerative Economy.
Due to musical industrial agglomeration at its products, education, and training, Music Guangzhou has recorded a rapid growth in maturity and professionalism in the past 16 years, and thus, well recognized within the industry. In the future, Music Guangzhou will aim to exploit more resources and commercial chances by taking full advantage of brand effect.

Various Products & Services.
Music Guangzhou involves a wide range of industrial sectors in the domain of music. For one thing, it is available to find up-to-date pianos, guitars, violins, percussions, wind instruments, traditional Chinese instruments, electric and electronic instruments, and musical education as well as live performances. For another, a series of activities such as violin-making, seminars & forums focused on industrial hotspot are presented. Undoubtedly, both exhibitors and visitors can have access to the state-of-the-art trend, devices, artistry, and fascinated sensory experience.

Professional Pavilions.
Since 2014, Music Guangzhou has been working with expanding industrial bases. Yangzhou zither pavilion, Taixing violin pavilion, and Huiyang Guitar pavilion were founded to provide exhibitors and visitors with better engagement. Moreover, cooperation pattern of those pavilions further promotes shows' publicity and reputation.

Part 2 Why Pre-registration
How do people get the comfortable visiting experience among the big crowd£¿Here the pre-registration comes into play. Basically, it helps you save time through a Fast Pass as entering.

Part3 How to Register Online
First, visit the official website of music Guangzhou£º
Second, click Visitor Service at menu bar and then complete the blank forms.
Third, you will get a confirmation email, a badge number attached inside.

Finally, please print out this confirmation letter and take it with you to the expo, and then show it to the receptionist for a Visitor Badge at the Fast Pass Counter which is specially set for pre-registered visitors.

Congratulations on your successful pre-registration! Look forward to seeing you at the great upcoming event on 19-22 February, 2020 in Guangzhou, China.



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